Meet Blake Hogge

so i could give you my whole life run down but that’s not why you’re here. you’re not here for just photos, but for an experience. i could tell you that i am a 25 year old dude who loves to take photos of just about anything. when i am not photographing you beautiful humans i love to sleep, eat, travel blah blah blah (which i to like to do in case you were wondering) but none of that is important.

this whole experience is about you & you can get to know me on the way. like i said before this is all about you and i am lucky enough to capture your story. i can’t wait to meet you awesome individuals.

so i just want to say I already love you but i have to be real with you for a minute. if you are here thinking you’re going to get the best priceing, or that i am going to give you a deal, you probably need to find someone else. photographing YOUR life YOUR way is something we all should hold dear & something we should not take lightly because you mean more than that.

if you like real life moments & not caring what pinterest pictures you need, making your whole photographing an experience you will remember the rest of your life than i can’t wait to hear from you! you are all special in your own way and i can’t wait to make this all about showing your life, your way.