Albion Basin Utah Engagements

October 21, 2019 , Adventure

One of the greatest parts about living in Utah is having these insanely gorgeous mountains in your backyard. I frequently find myself exploring this place I call home. Even more now that I am a photographer, I freaking love exploring new locations to take my couples to. One very popular and breathtaking location is up Little Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City. Seriously, holy cow it is AMAZING! If you come to Utah around July please check this spot out. These Albion Basin Utah Engagements were such a joy to capture with these two. We ran around the wildflowers, jumped around having a blast and stared at the scenery all around us. Again, there is no place I’d rather live and photograph almost everyday than Utah.

Best Times to Visit Albion Basin for your Engagements

Okay, so because this place is so accessible and so amazing, you can image many people like to have their photos taken here. The best lighting is probably around sunset. However, there will probably be hundreds of other people there at the same time. As well because Albion Basin has become so popular, you need to get a permit. I can help with getting a permit but it does cost money. If you go at sunrise before the rangers get there you most likely can get away without having a permit! BUUUUUT don’t get caught you you’ll definitely have to pay a fine. As well the lighting is still amazing at sunrise and there will be WAY LESS people. I prefer less people so I suggest a sunrise session. The best time to see the wildflowers is around mid July. That is when the flowers should be blooming.

Please check out more of my work on my blog or if you loved this photoshoot and want similar photos in ANY location around the world, send me an inquiry. Looking forward to working with you gorgeous humans! Thanks for reading this Albion Basin Utah Engagements photoshoot.

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