When I first started, I wish i would have had the guts enough to ask a photographer I admired for help, but 2 years ago was a long time ago in the photography industry. I was told if you wanted to learn, go out and shoot and that’s what I did! Don’t get me wrong, all my hard work is how I got to be where I am today but, If i could do it again I would tell my introverted self to ask for help anyway as for me, hands on experience is how I learn the best

I believe there are no “secrets” to be kept. Someone once told me that there are too many photographers in the world and how would I ever be successful. Well I am proof that whoever told me that, doesn’t know what they are talking about! If you are passionate, there is room for you. I don’t hold anything back. Why would I? I want to help you to be the best YOU can be. So let’s learn together!

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This session is an hour long and we can go over WHATEVER you feel like you need! That can be about how to improve your business, editing, emailing, pricing, how to find your ideal clients, booking out of state/the country, helping clients feel comfortable, marketing, instagram, YOU NAME IT I am here to help in whatever way possible.

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This session the day will be focused on YOU we will start the day with a Q and A where you will bring prepared questions that can be anything business related to photography related and set goals together! Then I will provide a shoot where we will focus on the fun stuff, SHOOTING. Lastly we will end the day improving YOUR editing skills. This is a 6 hour session in all.




One of my favorite things about Blake is how selfless he is! I don’t even know where to start with him! He has seriously taught me SO MUCH when I first got my camera! He taught me so much about white balance especially! He really cared about making sure I understood everything and was always asking me if I needed help with anything more than anyone did. Blake is so amazing and I honestly cannot say enough good amazing things about him!
Tara Kellie Smith